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Washington 4-point Guide Wein-Haskins (DWAYNE HASKINS) passed the 314 yards, and the external hand Thatter-McLaurin pushed 118 yards. Although the defensive group completed twice, it could not stop the crow offensive group score.

The list of running guards in this season is affected by injury, the first race, Eddie Lacy, the basic season, the basic season of the ankle. This season’s packaging work is only ranked 19th, and the average completed 102.4 yards per game.

“When you serve as four-point, you will suffer hit. You have to stand there and complete the ball,” Braddy said, he said that the anti-criminal offensive front line player “is trying to support the whole game.”

Saquier Griffin has a critical copy of the CD, which also lays a foundation for a rushing ball after Chris Carson. Wilson ended 34 passes, pushed 360 yards, reached 2 times, was copied once. D.K.Mtecaw (D.K. metcalf) catching 4 times, pushing 106 yards. David Moore brought 3 times, advanced 95 yards, reached once.

The new England Patriot four-point guard in the team 18-20, wholesale jerseys was officially recorded in 19 hits in the Messian Championships of Denver Ming Ma, this is Since Cleveland Brown, CHARLIE FRYE In the post-competition in 2006, he was hit by the crow of 20 times since the competition. However, Braddy refused to blame your teammate.

Jones did not participate in the training earlier this week. He was treating his toe injury & mdash; & mdash; this forced him to have 60% of the starting time in the play time in the game competition. Never worry that Jones will miss the National World Championship. But he will have to observe how long he will play.

“I hope that the results of two points to convert offensive can be different,” Braddy said. “I believe that everyone will pay attention to each attack in the game at the results of the game,” I hope I can complete the attack. & Rsquo; but I am proud of our way, we Of course, fight until the last moment. “

This offense will be discussed in New England. At that time, Braddy tried to pass on the left to Julian (Julian EDELMAN) when carrying two points and converted offensive attacks, but this offense finally failed. If you succeed, you can drag the game in the time. Considering that playback shows that only one person in the wild horse focuses on near-end-ended Robert Gronoski, especially people feel painful.

Packageman prepares to sign the sea eagle to rule to run Week

When everyone thinks that the Seattle Hawks will rely on Christine Michael, he takes a long time to find a new team, just day, US Time, Green Bay packaging, announced, wanted to sign Michael.

After two years of playing, this year’s break is unable to work with the ball and the new offensive front line this year. However, he believes that it can make you more excellent in the second year in the ADAM GASE offensive system.

“We are coming off of our strongest season ever and the buzz around the new season is amazing. The sport of American football and the NFL are both really gaining ground in the sporting landscape of China,” said Richard Young, Managing Director of NFL China .

Burro’s game is stable, 36 passed 25 times, pushing 300 yards, reaching it once, being copied once. Joe Mixon (Joe Mixon) was 25 times, advanced 151 yards, reached 2 times, while completing 6 battles, push 30 yards, reached once. Tayler Boyd completes 7 batches and promotes 90 yards.

The Falcon Score Competence Ranking Alliance The first comprehensive offensive group does not only rely on healthy Jones to advance. But it is a huge advantage to usher in Jones who is fully played to deal with the second-line defense of the packaging work.

Quinina announced that Jones will fully play a good news for the Falcon offensive group with excellent performance this season, but the four-point Swant Ryan may not worry about the number of external connections. “No matter how much strength he can perform, he is very good,” said Len on Friday.

Darnard also said: “I am very confident in this. I spent so many time and Gez coach, especially before last year, spend time to learn this set of offensive systems as soon as possible, this will definitely need a process. I spent every day. Many times work hard to learn, I am still studying now. I am still learning an offensive system, but I must teach some young people with a young man and the people who have not played in this offensive system. I am very excited to master the attack. “

Jackson replaced by Robert Griffin III after the fourth quarter of the game. Washington is also the place where Griffin’s career is also, maybe this makes Griffin’s heart, and pass by the other party, giving Washington a chance.

With last season & rsquo; s Super Bowl drawing in a record-breaking 167 million viewersin the United States, the NFL is far and away America & rsquo; s most popular sport That loyal fandom is spreading internationally through initiatives like the league & rsquo;. S International Series Games ( ISG) which will feature two games this season played in London & rsquo; s Wembley Stadium for the tenth consecutive season, a game at London & rsquo; s Twickenham Stadium for the first time and a game featuring the Oakland Raiders vs the Houston Texans on November 21 at Mexico City – the first regular season game to be held in Mexico since 2005.TheInternational Series Gamesin Londonwill be aired live in China starting at 9:30 pm local time, while the Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans game will air on Tuesday, November 22ndat 9:30 am local time.

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